Fairly Traded(76 products)

Fairly Traded
These products are either made in the UK, the EU or the USA or, where they are made in other countries such as China, a specific effort has been made to ensure ethical manufacture. Sometimes, it is more appropriate for the product to be manufactured abroad, for example, if the ingredients or components are sourced in that country - bamboo, for example, or rice. In poorer countries also, it is also really important that complete goods are exported and not just unrefined ingredients. We make sure that factories situated abroad, producing products for a UK company, are either owned and run by the company themselves or, if they are run by a company local to the factory, they are regularly inspected by a senior manager/owner from the UK firm. Manufacturing standards are always difficult to navigate and the high-street is rife with products made by people in awful situations: we are really proud therefore to provide such a complete range of pet products that we know are traded fairly. No need to worry! Problem solved!